Cimbalom & Clarinet​

Who are we?

Auður Edda Erlendsdóttir & Gabriela Tannertová
  • Winners at The Icelandic Chamber Music Festival 2017
  • We have played series of concerts in the Czech Republic, Budapest and Iceland
  • Musicians, performing the original pieces for cimbalom and clarinet from 20th and 21st century (personal collaboration with living composers)
  • We got a new piece specially written for our chamber group by icelandic composer Ingibjörg Ýr Skarphéðinsdóttir

Our story

We met with Edda at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and started our collaboration in September 2016 due to our passion to play music for cimbalom and clarinet written by György Kurtág. Studying with András Szalai, specialist in Kurtág’s music, we enjoyed working together and loved inspirations coming up in hours of practising together. Encouraged by a musical and personal affinity we decided to continue in studying original pieces for cimbalom and clarinet from 20th and 21st century. Since then we have created an unique concert progarm, based mostly on a very fresh pieces by the best contemporary composers from Hungary, Iceland and the Czech Republic and we would like to share their/our music with all of you.

Auður Edda Erlendsdóttir


Since 2014 she has studied clarinet at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest with Szatmári Zsolt. She plays regularly with the Academy‘s Orchestra, Ligeti Ensemble as well as Icelandic Youth Orchestras. With the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra she made her debut as a soloist in their „Young Soloist Program“ in January 2017, playing the Nielsen Clarinet Concerto.