Solo Concert​

The repertoire of the concert is usually based on original cimbalom pieces (J. Dadák, J. Mazourová, K. Lendvay, M. Bella, G. Kurtág, etc.). There is also possibility to combine it with other transcriptions (J. S. Bach, S. L. Weiss, C. Ph. E. Bach, N. Paganini, L. Janáček, C. Debussy, B. Bartók etc.), or the other possibility is to focus the concert thematically. Pieces of music are naturally connected with speech.

Festive Events

Solo cimbalom performance during ceremonies, vernissages, etc.

Concert of Cimbalom Duet

Together with my previous teacher, music partner and composer Daniel Skála we offer concert filled by cimbalom duets (B. Bartók, L. Janáček, D. Skála, J. Mazourová, G. Kurtág, J. P. Rameau, etc.). 

Chamber Concert

We are used to organize also other chamber concerts in combinations e.g., cimbalom-piano, cimbalom-clarinet, cimbalom-accordion. We are often cooperating with Tamás Bácsi, pianist from Hungary and Auður Edda Erlendsdóttir, clarinetist from Iceland. (More in “Duets” section).

Concert of Folk Group Pramínky​

Concert, which is mostly based on Moravian folk songs or during advent time also Christmas carols. Follow us on

Music for Entertainment

Folk group Pramínky is used to play also during celebrations for entertainment – singing, dancing or just listening. Their repertoire is mostly based on Moravian, Bohemian and Slovakian folk songs.